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Welcome to Cindy Whitmarsh Fitness! As a leading fitness personality, model, trainer, nutritionist, and working mom, I truly understand the pressures of a hectic schedule and stressful life. But with over 17 years experience in the health and fitness industry, I've become an expert in maximizing time and efforts to get proven results for clients ranging from professional athletes to celebrities to everyday moms.

This is your opportunity to completely transform the way you look and feel!  I have a unique philosophy that has changed my client's lives time and time again: As long as you eat a sensible diet, you don't have to workout hours on end. Although it sounds counterintuitive, 80% of your body's results will depend on diet.

Do you feel sluggish and "weighed down"?  Your body wants to be lean and strong, and I want to help you provide it with the fuel it needs, while at the same time revving up your metabolism to help trim off those unwanted pounds. Instead of dragging yourself to the gym for hours on end, we want to fuel the metabolic fire and create an effective and efficient weight loss cycle.

There's no better time to start than right nowAs an extension to the already great group of fitness products, nutritional supplements, and training services we provide within Cindy Whitmarsh Fitness, I'd like to personally invite you to join one of our amazing nutrition programs to help you succeed in all your fitness goals. Below you can choose to be a member of one of my personally designed programs. These custom made fitness plans have exactly what your looking for if you are serious about your fitness goals. And I not only talk the talk, but I walk the walk. Every single menu has been tried and tested by yours truly, so I know that they work!

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  • A personalized fitness program for strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning.
  • A personalized nutrition program.
  • Constant access to your program that changes as you change
  • Immediate analysis of body measurements in addition to measurements in strength, power, endurance and abdominal strength.”
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